Overt Truth

It was like riding a bike without a red back light,

Any car could come behind and kill.

You thought I would wake up and act right,

My body thrusting, but my mind was still.


Cheating on you, not the tests,

I’d always pass the ones involving health.

You thought I was unlike the rest,

When in fact my malignancy was rich in wealth.


An innocence so pure,

Before you, wasn’t ever seen.

You thought I’d be the cure,

But now you stand as my regretful Queen.

Overt Truth


Sometimes the words don’t find themselves

The truth doesn’t come unglued from beneath

The rainbow that appears after showers

Subdue to cliché shades of gray.


Sometimes the stares at blue lined white paper

The burps of cheap beer

Or even the sound of ice clinking in my mixed drink

Don’t react to the memories the way they normally do.


Sometimes it’s easy to blame the absence of booze

To relate originally composed metaphors to intoxication

The perfect diction coming solely from a hurt addiction

Sobriety to be classified as the flooding hunger of anxiety.



Words said

Lies told

Doors slammed

Plates thrown

Hearts broke.


Words said

Screamed at

lung tops

Sharp blades


Truth’s cold.


Words said

No more

All done


Rips through

Skin’s scars.


Words said

Lips sealed

Closed eyes

Tears dried


of Words said




Day 6

The rectangle from a few days ago opens up

I wince at first

The hole isn’t doesn’t bring in as much light.

A pair of eyes stare into the room

They turns the light on

The one that has been in motion because of the fan,

In motion since I last remember.

The light burns, but not just my eyes.

I feel the pain of a multitude of bulls ramming into me

Taking turns with their horns. The rectangle shuts, but I only know because of the sound it made.

It lasts 30 seconds at most before the light goes off

But what do I know about sense of time?

Day 6


Speeding just to stop at red lights

Smoking in parking lots without headlights

Steamy back seat car sex

Spelling our initials on the window with foggy context

Sitting on front porches showing overbites

Smiles stay on our faces over night..

Separating my clothes into boxes

Sights water as you see the garbage man dump them away

Sadness embraces the arms that used to hug me back.

Sorry we’ve dwindled to just a memory.



We weren’t perfect

But  our tenure together wasn’t worthless

I’m hurting,

But on the surface

I’m plain; Quite wordless.

You and I were a circus

we laughed and applauded to,

but my misdemeanors continuously haunted you.

The curtains,

close without a call

Makes sense, I guess, since after all

I’m just a bullet without purpose.

Nobody sees the tears of a class clown

behind the paint that masks frowns,

To the grave I’ll carry my burdens.




Day 5

Rats made a hole to bottom left of the wall in front of me

A single ray of light protrudes through

It might take a while,

But I can finally get used to something other than the color of pitch black.

The hole gives way to the light in the center

Continuously moving from the ceiling fan.

Is there a way to truly to illuminate this hell?

Day 5